Open Source Intelligence Training $150

COST: $150.00

The Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) training is designed to provide awareness of the basic skills, tool, and resources an effective researcher may use to conduct open source intelligence collection on an individual or organization.

 Course objectives include learning about readily available tools and research techniques used to identify digital footprints of entities being pursued. By understanding how data is exposed, individuals and corporations can the take necessary measures to reduce their digital footprint to a functional level, and decrease their risk of unnecessary exposure.

Taught by former counterintelligence/ law enforcement investigators and advanced open source intelligence (OSINT) analyst, this course draws on their deep knowledge to bring real world, practical and actionable experience to students.

The course will demonstrate risk factors to individuals and organizations through several practical case studies using live tool demonstrations.

The course curriculum consists of the following subjects:

  • Search logic and Boolean operators
  • Open source tools and information sources
  • Open source analytical methodology
  • Legal implications of conducting open source research
  • Social media scraping and meta data analysis
  • Online persona creation, management and risk awareness
  • Open source exploits

Completion of this course will require the student to perform practical and technical exercise.


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