Private Investigator | $550

The Private Investigator training course is designed to provide all of the basic information to obtain the certification to work as a private investigator. The Private Investigator course is very challenging and demanding. Our Instructors are all former law enforcement investigators with years of experience in the field. This course is designed to take the student through every aspect of a case from start to finish. This course requires several practical exercises and a written examination. The course curriculum consists of the following subjects:

  • Law
  • Courtroom procedures/testimony
  • General investigative skills
  • Surveillance/research
  • Interviews/interrogations
  • Report writing
  • Photography/recording devices
  • Types of investigations

This is a 60-hour course. The class will be held on Saturday and Sunday with evening classes. Completion of this course will require the student to perform all practical exercises and pass a written examination.


Contact Info

Aspis Training Center
3949 Pender Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: (703) 424-5756

Business Hours:
9a-5p Monday - Sunday