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This course requires a $50.00 deposit to hold a seat. There is a minimum number of students for this class and a maximum number of students for this class. If you are interested in this course please contact Aspis using the contact us link on this site. To be an armed Personal Protection Specialist, the student must also sign up for the 07E, and 09E handgun course.

Aspis Training Center has a unique approach to the 32E Personal Protection Specialist course. Our instructors for this course have spent years overseas and in the United States providing high-risk executive level protection. The instructors bring their experience to the classroom and provide our students with a real-world look into VIP and high-level executive protection. This class if full of hands-on practical training exercises. The course curriculum consists of the following subjects:

  • Threat assessment/vulnerability
  • Legal authority/civil law
  • Detail operations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Motorcade operations
  • Evacuation drills
  • Hand-to-hand tactics
  • Advance work

This is a 60-hour course. Completion of this course will require the student to perform all practical exercises and pass a written examination. View the Personal Protection Specialist (32E) course description on the VA DCJS training website.

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01E – Security Officer Course Subjects
02E – Private Investigator
32E – Personal Protection Specialist
075E – Security Officer Handgun
09E – Advanced Handgun
08E – Shotgun Training
05E – Arrest Authority
Open Source Intelligence Training
Advanced Private Investigator
Advanced Personal Protection Specialist
Self Defense
Virginia concealed carry certification
DC concealed carry certification
CPR/AED/First Aid
Handcuffing/Baton/OC Class