Advanced Private Security


Our advanced courses in PPS and PI are scenario based classes that exceed basic requirements. These courses are not for everyone. These courses push the limits of the individual and forces them to think outside of the box. These classes are scenario based training in real world environments. Students will be required to have completed 032E or 02E training at a reputable DCJS training academy before being allowed to attend these courses.

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Aspis Training Center

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01E – Security Officer Course Subjects
02E – Private Investigator
32E – Personal Protection Specialist
075E – Security Officer Handgun
09E – Advanced Handgun
08E – Shotgun Training
05E – Arrest Authority
Open Source Intelligence Training
Advanced Private Investigator
Advanced Personal Protection Specialist
Self Defense
Virginia concealed carry certification
DC concealed carry certification
CPR/AED/First Aid
Handcuffing/Baton/OC Class